Are you frustrated with email?
Is mail costing you time, being unreliable, and full of Spam?
Can’t get service with your mail?

You need 4Data Secure email!

What we provide

  • Email hosting for $1 a day per mailbox;

  • Additional requested changes only $2.50 per minute;

  • Reliable, secure and instant email to all your devices;
  • 90% increased cyber protection with 4Data secure email;

  • Multiple email addresses;
  • No mail box size limits;

  • No entry or exit fees;

  • No lock-in contracts;

PLUS two hours complimentary service per client to migrate into the solution (valued at $300).

“My small business has had it’s email service hosted by 4Data for over 4 years. The
benefit is knowing our email information is stored locally and I can have confidence
that I am protecting all my client’s information.” – Harold

“I have been very impressed with how fast 4Data work and their discretion. I would
highly recommend them. They are always very professional.” – Teresa

“My company is a growing national security consultancy, and we were using a
mainstream mail provider for our domain and website. The service just wasn’t cutting
it, increasing down time and it lacked the security we required, so we picked 4Data
secure cloud hosted email for the office as they understand the level of security we
operate at. 4Data hosted email via Microsoft Exchange gives us secure instant email,
calendars, contacts, and tasking. It is completely interoperable with our clients,
appears professional; and sync’s with all of our devices. As 4Data is Australian, we get
the best legal customer and data protection in the world. 4Data support is excellent
for prompt setup of new email addresses, assisting new staff or provisioning new
devices. I would recommend 4Data for cloud hosted email.” – David